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Past Events

Leadership Today: Authentic, Open & Transparent

Erik P.M. Vermeulen


Dealing with a pandemic like COVID-19, is uncharted territory for all of us. Coupled with uncertainty, fear and pressure to safeguard employee wellbeing and business continuity, leaders of companies are being tested beyond the ordinary as the decisions made today will determine the success or failure of their company or business.

How companies act and communicate in times of crisis will have a significant long-term impact on their reputation. Businesses need to assure their customers, business partners and suppliers, and at the same time, ensure employees are well informed of how the situation impacts them.

While the severity of this crisis and its long-term implications are still unknown, there are several steps companies and businesses can take to help improve the situation.

Session Summary

“The status quo is changing. We need to have leaders that can help the organisation design the next normal.”


Leadership, communications and technology & Innovation are the most important skills and elements that leaders need to have in this time of crisis.”


“Communication should be honest, open and direct.”


“We need digital leadership within a company not only to get through this crisis but also to be able to define the next normal.”


The components of digital leadership are brutal honesty, open leadership which will enable the identification of “ringers” and inculcate a best-idea-wins culture, as well as, adapting to more digital ways of working.


Rina Sarif, Tenaga Nasional Bhd

I find this beneficial especially during this crisis time when we leaders need some insights on taking the helm of the organization.

Frances Po Yih Ming, Malaysia Institute of Accounts

Eric used many practical examples to give relevance to the subject matter and Nadia is an awesome moderator. Keep up the excellent sessions ICDM Team!

Dato’ Aliyah Karen, CEO, MAA Medicare Charitable Foundation

Thank you for letting me learn about leadership.

Tandin Dorji, General Manager, Construction Development Corporation Limited, Bhutan

Thank you Erik for the presentation. Thanks ICDM for organising the session.