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Enterprise Risk Management: When Irrationality Meets Disruption

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IERP 7th Global Conference
Enterprise Risk Management: When Irrationality Meets Disruption

We live in the age of disruption. Pandemics, political instability, economic tensions, natural disasters – all these forces of disruption are hard and fast hitting, and what’s worse, they are all hitting businesses and organisations at a magnitude that is hitherto unheard of. Just think of the Fukuoka nuclear disaster, or BREXIT and of course, the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping across the world today. Clearly, there’s no better time to realise that disruptions are no longer a probability nor an eventuality, but a reality in the modern business arena. Hence, our ability to formulate a strategy which allows for disruption would be a winning formula in a highly competitive landscape.

Take a minute and think about how well your organisation anticipated and handled the rapid severity of the Covid-19 pandemic and how agile your responses were. We are sure you would agree that it is a catalyst for thought in terms of enterprise risk management. Businesses and corporate outfits can no longer afford to avoid risk if they want to survive, let alone be competitive. How an organisation anticipates, manages and mitigate the effects of disruption is key, and has a direct correlation to resilience and, thus, its sustainability.

And that is why we are inviting you to join our 2020 Global Conference. This event will be the 7th edition and this year’s theme will be “When Irrationality Meets Disruption”. You can look forward to benefit from the insights and opinions of experts and actual ERM practitioners on a wide range of pertinent ERM topics such as:

  • Macro perspective on the business arena and state of the world today
  • Covid 19 – harnessing and preparing for the next normal
  • Digitisation, digital disruption and what it means for risk management
  • The evolving nature of business disruptions
  •  Key drivers to effective ERM and GRC capabilities
  • Disruptive strategies, opportunities, and responding to disruptors with ERM
  • Dealing rationally with significant uncertainty
  • Risk management in the New and Next Normal
  • Much, much more!