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ICDM events provide opportunities for directors from all walks of life to network, connect and contribute to each other’s professional development.

As a membership organisation, we serve as the voice of our members, advocating your concerns and feedback, while continuing to find solutions for challenges occupying boards and directors.

Under Budget 2024, it was proposed that the Service Tax rate would be increased from 6% to 8%, effective 1 March 2024. This is in line with the announcement made by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department on the changes to the tax rate on 7 February 2024. In view of the above, all our services will be subject to a Service Tax of 8% effective 1 March 2024.


Director’s Masterclass in Climate Governance 2024

Nick Chia, Dr Gary Theseira, Faizal Parish, Shai Ganu, Amar Gill, Elizabeth Wu

Corporate Board Leadership Symposium 2024 Strategic Leadership: Navigating Transitions with Resilience

Senior Executive Forum 2024 by AIM

Professor Ethan Bernstein & Professor Tiona Zuzul (Harvard Business School)

HRDF Claimable

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Hetal Doshi