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Strengthening Stakeholder Management & Investor Relations

The shift from shareholder value maximisation to holistic stakeholder management underscores the importance of maintaining a comfortable balance between meeting the specific needs of shareholders while addressing the expectations of the wider stakeholder groups. Where the focus on shareholder value maximisation was once the driving force for companies to conduct themselves, the recognition of how the broader group of stakeholders can directly or indirectly influence business performance is now essential for the sustainability and continued success of companies.

Guidebook 3 provides points of view for PLCs of different sizes and Investor Relations (IR) maturity to frame effective stakeholder management strategies and plans, which require involvement across the company. Additionally and specifically, this Guidebook highlights the distinct aspects of effective IR as well as crisis communications in engaging the many stakeholder groups. A further emphasis of the Guidebook is on the means and modes of engaging and communicating to build and maintain relationships, trust and confidence with stakeholders.

Guidebook 3 includes video recordings on the expectations from the investor community, accessible via the following links:

For more information, please download the quick tour or full version of the Guidebook 3 via the following links: