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ICDM and IoD UK Unite to Drive Board Excellence

27 Mar 2024

Builds network to elevate efforts to professionalise directorship across national borders and markets

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 26 March 2024 — The Institute of Corporate Directors Malaysia (“ICDM”) today announced its collaboration with the Institute of Directors (IoD) in the United Kingdom (“UK”) the first institute of its kind, as part of its commitment to elevate governance standards, drive ethical leadership, and provide support to organisations with business relations in Southeast Asia (“ASEAN”) and UK.

This strategic partnership is part of ICDM’s goal to build a strong network of governance professionals, both locally and internationally, to further promote the professionalising of boards and directors in Malaysia. By fostering this alliance between the two organisations, ICDM and IoD UK are looking to leverage their shared resolve to advance corporate governance and board leadership excellence as well as to promote best practices and knowledge exchange to achieve several goals to benefit their respective members.

Michele Kythe Lim, the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ICDM said, “Since we started in 2018, the ICDM has been working hard to build a vibrant, dynamic and progressive community of governance professionals. From setting up the ASEAN IOD Network and our ASEAN Directors Registry to today’s milestone collaboration with IoD UK, we want to continue creating new opportunities and growth pathways, in addition to bringing fresh, new perspectives towards professionalising boards. This is a great opportunity to gain insight from an industry pioneer, and we are looking forward to the impact it will have on our members. The access that ICDM members will have to the services and offerings by the IoD UK through this partnership will prove invaluable and we foresee a significant influence in corporate director and leadership excellence.”

This collaboration with IoD UK will also create significant networking opportunities for members of both organisations to connect, collaborate, and share experiences – strengthening the global community of governance professionals. ICDM will further build upon the strong ties with Institutes of Directors across the ASEAN region to spark seamless international collaboration and increased business avenues. Members will have access to virtual or in-person events and educational trips as well as other board opportunities through the ASEAN Directors Registry within the scope of this partnership. This would further allow board talents on the ASEAN Directors Registry to offer themselves to interested organisations from ASEAN as well as the UK.

Jonathan Geldart, the Director General of IoD UK shared, “I am delighted that the Institute of Directors will now be working closely with our counterparts in Malaysia. Our two countries have a long, shared economic history and this partnership will help to facilitate further growth in our business and trading relations. Both of our organisations share a vision for professionalising directorship, promoting best practices for ethical leadership and elevating governance standards for a positive impact on businesses and wider society. As we reinforce the global community of governance professionals, we look forward to unlocking opportunities for our members and the broader business community in Malaysia, the UK and ASEAN.”

The alliance marks the commitment of the organisations to elevating governance standards, driving ethical leadership, and creating a positive impact on organisations worldwide. It is particularly advantageous as it can help support those with business relations in Malaysia (& ASEAN) and the UK, through the reciprocal membership benefits between ICDM and IoD UK. Members of both organisations will enjoy a special rate to join the other party’s membership.

Together, both institutions hope to inspire knowledge transfer that facilitates board and leadership development through the exchange of insights, research findings, and best practices in corporate governance. These efforts will be bolstered by membership engagement activities, joint training programmes, bespoke workshops, and educational resources that will enhance both members’ skills and competencies in governance, leadership, and board effectiveness.

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