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Past Programmes

2 CPD points 8 RCH

Bridging the Gap: Metaverse, Board of Directors, Net Zero & NFT

Dr. Uzair Javaid CEO, Betterdata (Singapore)

RM 1,200.00 (STANDARD)
PER PERSON (exclusive of 8% SST)

Programme Overview

In the past year, we have witnessed the role of the director becoming more complex, the range of issues boards must oversee is leaving them overwhelmed and underprepared. The scope of these issues have expanded significantly, leaving directors seeking out support and guidance on rapidly evolving topics. The bigger question now – how are organisations bridging the gap between the pieces of knowledge needed to contribute to strategic thinking as a whole?

One way to bridge the knowledge gap is through a ‘transdisciplinary’ lens. Strategic thinking should ideally be transdisciplinary, looking at two or more areas of knowledge. However, putting transdisciplinary into action requires knowledge identification, articulation and practical  implementation. The long-term success of any business requires continuous transdisciplinary thinking that bridges the gaps between diverse corporate knowledge – between ESG, digital transformation, and corporate strategy.

So how would this transdisciplinary method of thinking evolve? Questions such as ‘How will companies use NFT to promote the “S” of ESG or move towards the Net Zero goal?’; ‘How Metaverse can support climate actions by creating virtual testbeds and provide a pathway towards changing consumer behaviours?’; ‘How a Carbon Neutral Metaverse can be used to highlight and generate awareness on the importance of sustainability?’ and ‘How companies can implement Blockchain technology to combat human rights abuses in their supply chains?’ are now surfacing.

Today, most organisations must develop a body of knowledge that promotes digital literacy, especially for their board members as it is an absolute essential for them to update their knowledge to produce relevant insights.

Learning Outcomes

  • Encourage transdisciplinary strategic thinking and the application of the various knowledge acquired to support the decision-making process and discussions on innovation.
  • Learn about how the latest technologies can support organisations in achieving their ESG goals – its unique intersection, potential opportunities and problem-solving solutions.
  • Keep up to date with emerging areas that boards should be aware of to maintain the competitive advantage for their businesses, and integrate into their long-term strategic plans.

Who is this Programme For?

  • Developing or Emerging Directors
  • Directors with a tenure between 3 – 5 years



Dr. Uzair Javaid
CEO, Betterdata (Singapore)

Uzair Javaid is the co-founder and CEO of Betterdata. He has a PhD in Privacy Engineering and one of his projects involved breaking down the encryption of Ethereum blockchain. He has been cited over 400 times with 15 publications. He has been designing data security and privacy techniques for the past 5 years and was able to hack 670 user wallets on the Ethereum blockchain. Previously, he was with Merkle Science as a Software Engineer and Business Development Associate. Uzair realised encryption has its vulnerabilities and there must be better alternatives. He then started to explore data privacy with AI and started Betterdata in early 2021 with his co-founder and CTO Kevin Yee. He also mentors graduate students in Singapore, competes in e-gaming competitions, and collaborates with leading universities in Singapore and the US to push the boundaries of privacy engineering.


09:45AM : Registration
10:00AM : Programme Introduction and Housekeeping
10:05AM : Module 1 - Blockchain
10:30AM : Module 2 - Metaverse
10:50AM : Module 3 - Environment, Social & Governance (ESG)
11:10AM : Group discussions & Presentation (Breakout Sessions)
11:30AM : Module 4 - Use Case In Relation to Module 1-3 (Discussion Review)
12:15PM : Key Takeaways and Wrap-up
12:30PM : Programme Ends