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8 CPD points

FCD Series Module A: Board Strategy & Risk Management Oversight

Blair Cook, CPA, CA CPA(Ill) MBA, Canada

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What is the role of a board of directors and how do you maximize your role as a director? Learn about the 4 key leadership roles of the Board and how to maximize the effectiveness of the governance system.

This 2-day Board Strategy & Risk Management Programme is a core module designed to explore the role of the Board in strategy setting and implementation in order to meet its goals whilst responding to changes in its environment. The programme also focuses on the importance of a top-down approach in risk management by the Board in efforts to cultivate a proactive approach

Learning Outcome

  • Discuss the role of the board and the role of the director in setting strategy and risk management
  • Recognise the four board leadership roles that contribute to governance excellence including the role of the Recruiter, Conductor, Reporter and Facilitator
  • Explore how the right board governance systems and directors can amplify corporate governance

Target Audience

  • From newly appointed directors to senior directors
Virtual Classroom Format
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Blair Cook

CPA, CA CPA(Ill) MBA, Canada

Blair Cook is a many-time and active financial executive, corporate director, author, speaker, and thought leader. His educational videos of accounting and finance have million of views on YouTube. He has keynoted and spoken at national conferences from New York to Toronto. Along with Jen, he co-hosts CPA Canada’s podcast series “CPA Success Podcast.” He works with real businesses experimenting with theories and best practices to share his experiences and stories with others of what works, what doesn’t, and what was learned. He is the author of The Illiterate Executive: An Executive’s Handbook for Mastering Financial Acumen.

Blair has also facilitated the FCD Series Module A: Board Strategy & Risk Management Oversight for ICDM in 2021.


Wednesday | 27 July 2022

9.00am Introduction and Warmup
9.15am Module 1: IWK Case – Failure in Governance
9.40am Module 2: Board Leadership Roles

  • what type of governance systems do you use?
  • Factors for making governance effective or ineffective
  • how much value does your board provide?
  • 4 Board Leadership Roles – overview
10.30am Virtual Break
10.45am Module 3: RECRUITER ROLE

  • Key stages within the strategic planning process
  • The role of Directors and the role of the Board within each of the strategic planning process
  • Key causes of strategic risk and how those risks can best be treated.
11.45am Virtual Break
12.00pm Module 4: CONDUCTOR ROLE

  • Key points related to the COSO principles-based approach
  • The differences between COSO Internal Control Integrated Framework and COSO ERM Integrating Strategy & Performance
  • Thinking More Broadly about Risk Management
  • Matters of Importance for Board Discussion and the Agenda
12.50pm Recap & Summary
1.00pm End of Day 1


Thursday | 28 July 2022

9.00am Recap of Session 1 and any questions
9.15am Module 5: REPORTER ROLE

  • the types of reporting the Board requires
  • The reports of the board and how to interpret financial information – presentation
    • Financial Intelligence for Directors
    • Four dimensions of a board reporting strategy
    • KPI, Dashboards and Flash Reports
  • Link strategy to financial health and value creation
10.25am Virtual Break

  • Strategic management presentation
    • Situational analysis
    • Strategy formulation
    • Monitor execution of strategy
    • Unlocking strategic thinking and discussions
11.40am Virtual Break
11.55am Module 7: Risk Management Oversight and Practices

  • The importance of an organisation developing and implementing robust risk management practices.
  • The risk appetite of an organisation
  • The link between risk management, risk culture and effective leadership.
  • The director’s role in assessment, monitoring and treatment of risk within an organisation.
12.45pm Module 8: Wrap Up
1.00pm End of Programme