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Masterclass: Digital Disruptions – Winning Strategies for Legacy Companies

Steffen Damborg, Digital Transformation Strategist, Board Member, Keynote Speaker, Denmark

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This masterclass will deep dive into the effects of digital disruption and how to form a winning strategy in this new business environment. The masterclass is split into two parts. The first part will describe the effects of disruptive innovation in the digital space and look at the generic strategies that seems to be the most successful ones in the current business environment. In the second part we will look into the remedies that have proven successful for digital native companies as well as for legacy companies that have managed to transform themselves and adapt to the new conditions. A central aspect of this transformation is creating a culture that supports the quest for double loop learning and continuous learning from past experimentation and development.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss – To relate and deliberate the new learnings
  • Summarise – To reflect and review the key learnings
  • Apply – To develop ways to integrate new learnings into the boardroom

Who is this Programme For?

Mid Directors & Senior Directors

Virtual Classroom Format
4 hours (30 minutes Virtual Networking Break)
Interactive Facilitated Learning



Digital Transformation Strategist, Board Member, Keynote Speaker, Denmark

Steffen Damborg (MSc & MBA) is a Digital Transformation Specialist.

He transforms legacy companies and creates value through digital strategy development and execution. Damborg has worked with clients in several regions ranging from, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur, Lagos, Dhaka, Mumbai, Amsterdam, London to Copenhagen.

Often Steffen delivers advisory services to top tier consulting Companies such as the Big Four companies (The “”Big Four”” refers in this context to accounting firms Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Ernst & Young (EY) and KPMG).

Mr Damborg believes in CUSTOMER CENTRIC, MARKET DRIVEN, and METRICS FOCUSED, AGILE business development. As a digital consultant he has 10 years plus of executive experience in driving the digital agenda, building digital businesses, and changing companies towards a new, agile and digital business approach across industries.

Mr Damborg’s focus is most often on:

  • Building and/or executing digital strategies
  • Re-designing core processes and digitising project processes
  • Building a project management framework based on agile methods and PMO best practices
  • Building a digital culture by introducing multi-disciplinary teams, agile project frameworks that support innovation and more incremental product development
  • Bringing in digital skills at a senior level to drive the digital agenda

Delivering agile training based on SCRUM and SAFe frameworks

Programme Outline

This will be updated soon. Stay tuned!