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Past Programmes

4 CPD points 8 RCH

Transparency Matters: A Director’s Approach to Handling Conflicts of Interest

Dr. Mark Lovatt, ICDM Facilitator Anti-Corruption Specialist, CEO & Lead Consultant, Trident Integrity Solutions Sdn Bhd Secretary-General, BIA, Malaysia

RM 1,500.00 (STANDARD)
RM 1,200.00 (ICDM MEMBER)
PER PERSON (exclusive of 8% SST)

Programme Overview

Directors play a crucial role in the success and well-being of a company. As fiduciaries, they are entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding the interests of the company and its shareholders above all else. However, the prevalence of conflicts of interest among directors has raised concerns and highlighted the need for stronger governance measures.

Transparency is a cornerstone of sound corporate governance. Encouraging directors to disclose any conflicts openly and honestly is paramount. This fosters an environment of trust and allows stakeholders to make informed decisions. By divulging their interests, directors can avoid doubts about their actions and demonstrate their commitment to acting in the company’s best interests.

This programme will equip the directors with the knowledge of how to identify and address conflicts, and understand the consequences of failing to address conflicts appropriately, including legal liabilities and reputational damage. To further assist directors in navigating the complexities of conflicts of interest, the facilitator will share case studies and practical examples. These carefully prepared scenarios will help directors understand the nuances of conflicts and what steps to take to avoid breaching their fiduciary duty. We will also explore the recent amendments to Bursa Malaysia’s Listing Requirements pertaining to conflicts of interest to ensure that directors are familiarised with these requirements and understand their implications for listed issuers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of transparency and identify potential conflicts of interest that may arise in their roles as directors.
  • Learn how to navigate complex situations, make informed decisions, and take necessary steps to avoid compromising the best interests of the company and its shareholders.
  • Enable directors to uphold good corporate governance practices and ensure compliance with the recent amendments to Bursa Malaysia’s Listing Requirements concerning conflicts of interest.

Programme Agenda

Time Topic
09:00AM Introduction on Conflict of Interest
10:30AM Networking Break
11:00AM Managing the Conflict of Interest

  • Case Studies
  • Types of Conflict
  • What is the difference between a conflict of interest and related party transaction?
12:30PM Question & Answer
1:00PM End


Dr Mark Lovatt hi res

Dr. Mark Lovatt
ICDM Facilitator
Anti-Corruption Specialist,
CEO & Lead Consultant, Trident Integrity Solutions Sdn Bhd
Secretary-General, BIA, Malaysia

Dr. Mark Lovatt is the principal consultant and CEO of Trident Integrity Solutions Sdn Bhd, a specialist consultancy firm delivering anti-corruption programmes for government agencies and the corporate sector both in Malaysia and internationally. He is also the co-founder and the Secretary-General of the Business Integrity Alliance. As a Member of the UNDP Private Sector Advisory Group for SE Asia he is an advisor to the UN on the use of advanced technology to combat corruption. A qualified Lead Implementer for ISO 37001, he conducts training on anti-corruption for regulators, corporate governance institutions and governments, and regularly speaks at seminars and conferences across the region.