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The pandemic has been an impetus for digital adoption while also presenting significant risks among Malaysian organisations.

In PwC’s Digital Trust Insights Survey 2021, we studied the recent trends and the next big wave in cybersecurity as automation and technologies continue to evolve how we operate as businesses. 30 Malaysian respondents comprising C-suites and non C-suites shared their views.

What’s encouraging is that 70% of Malaysian respondents say that they’ll adjust their cybersecurity strategy due to COVID-19, to consider cybersecurity and privacy in every business decision.

Sentiments point to a growing realisation among Malaysian organisations that they need to step up now to stave off threats, either through investments, new innovations to level the playing field with attackers, or better risk management. Yet, despite their best efforts to change, they also need to contend with an acute shortage of cybersecurity talent in the market.

Some organisations have formally appointed a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), setting an important tone from the top for their business, on the ownership of digital trust (a role that should be aptly played by the CISO).

But are Malaysian organisations doing enough to improve their cyber resilience?

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