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Climate Change & Carbon Footprint – Getting the Right Financial Risk & Reporting Perspectives

Dr. Ann Marie Sidhu, Director, Sustainability & Advisory Services, ESGright

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Programme Outline

The Net Zero agenda has arrived swiftly and surely while, rising carbon pricing and taxation rates are escalating the entrenchment of the climate agenda in the boardroom as boards scrutinise the financial risks and reporting required.

Companies have traditionally been focusing on financial stability and neglecting the impact of climate change and the carbon footprint of its business – making the oversight of climate change and impact of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions less urgent. However, in today’s business world, investors are seeking more and more disclosures from corporate companies in response to increasing climate litigations, negative public perceptions and calls for greater climate-related corporate accountability. Lack of attention to these matters will put supply chain and business continuity at risk.

In this session of PowerTalk, we present new insights to guide boards on climate change and carbon strategies. This session will highlight the empirical items to business in linking the performance disclosures in sustainability reporting with the financial risk of the organisation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the effects of climate-related matters on financial reporting.
  • Develop an ability to establish a link between the impact of climate change and carbon footprint cost to business and financial risks.
  • Acquire the latest information on climate change and carbon footprint from a financial risk lens.
  • Build consciousness of boards to include climate change matters in the boardroom discussion agenda.

Target Audience

  • Aspiring directors
  • Developing/emerging directors
  • Seasoned directors
  • Newly appointed Chairman
  • C-suites

PROGRAMME | Friday, 1 December 2023

10:00am Programme Introduction & Housekeeping
10:05am ICDM PowerTalk: Climate Change & Carbon Footprint – Getting the Right Financial Risk & Reporting Perspectives by Dr. Ann Marie Sidhu, Director, Sustainability & Advisory Services, ESGright
Moderated by Nadia S Hassan, Producer/Senior Broadcast Journalist at The Edge Communications Sdn Bhd
10:45am Question & Answer
11:00am Session Ends


Dr. Ann

Dr. Ann Marie Sidhu
Director, Sustainability & Advisory Services, ESGright

Dr. Ann Marie is a Director of Sustainability and Advisory Services at ESG Academy. She is a seasoned professional with a diverse background. Holding a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional designation from the Global Reporting Initiative Institute (GRI Academy), she earned her Ph.D. from Newcastle University in the UK. Her research focused on sustainable development through the Clean Development Mechanism within Malaysian companies. Alongside her academic achievements, Ann Marie possesses a Master’s in Environmental and Business Management and a BSc (Hons) in Accounting. Prior to this, as a a qualified Chartered Accountant (FCA), she held a senior manager level position at a Big 4 accounting firm.

Transitioning to academia, Ann Marie worked for universities in the UK, Malaysia, and Australia. In her recent role as Programme Director for the Edinburgh Business School MBA at Heriot-Watt University, she dedicated her efforts to educating the next generation of business leaders, particularly mid-level managers from international and local corporations.

Ann Marie’s expertise extends to conducting workshops for listed company board members on sustainability/ESG reporting, training various management levels on GRI Sustainability Reporting, and engaging in advisory roles for corporate sustainability reports. As a thought leader, she has participated as a panelist on the Future of Corporate Reporting for the Malaysian Institute of Accountants’ Financial Management Conference 2022. Her international presence includes presentations in Portugal, Australia, and New Zealand. In 2021, her publication delved into sustainability conceptions in Malaysian companies, and she contributed as a guest reviewer for the Journal of Environment and Development in 2020.

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