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Past Events

Corporate Board Leadership Symposium 2022: Mastering Governance in the Era of ESG

ICDM Members – For registration, please contact Azie at 03 2722 9265 or email to sp@mia.org.my

When analysing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, the “Governance” aspect is often neglected amid considerations over climate risk, societal implications, and other “Environmental” and “Social” priorities. However, it is critical for Boards to understand the Governance risks and opportunities in decision-making given that poor corporate governance practices are at the core of some of the biggest corporate scandals.

In addition, the business case for “Governance” shows that values-driven good behaviour ultimately yields better corporate returns. To support Boards in Mastering Governance in the era of ESG, the virtual ‘Corporate Board Leadership Symposium 2022’ will address relevant regulatory developments and the best practices for boards to consider in integrating sustainability into their governance practices, within the specific context of the companies that they oversee.