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Past Events

Cybersecurity Considerations Amid A Global Pandemic

Ho Siew Kei


As the effects of the Coronavirus are felt around the world, the primary focus of governments and businesses is the safety of their citizens, employees, and customers. Meanwhile, cyber attackers are impersonating health organisations and other government entities in malicious email campaigns designed to invoke fear, hoping to trigger reactions that will provide them opportunities to gain access to systems and sensitive information. A carefully considered approach will enable an organisation to proactively address cyber challenges during extraordinary events such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this webinar, we will discuss (1) the heightened security challenges faced by organisations amidst extraordinary events, (2) activities initiated by threat actors to take advantage of the current pandemic situation and (3) steps that organisations may consider to sustain organisational cybersecurity during periods of disrupted business operations.

Session Summary

“Cybersecurity is a programme which you have to continuously look in to.”


“The pandemic is a wake-up call to all businesses, that the cybersecurity assumptions that we have made in the past and the kinds of control that we put in place, may not always apply.”


“Businesses need to tweak their cybersecurity programme to focus on current attacker schemes and alter the programme to cater for a new normal.”


“One of the main considerations in cybersecurity’s new normal is prioritising critical security operations and focusing on protecting the crown jewels of the business.”


Puspa Nair, Commissioner, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission

Very comprehensive and compact slides. Thank you Siew Kei!

Emily Kok, Independent Director, UEM Edgenta

Great topic & excellent speaker with deep knowledge of the subject.

CB Yeoh, Director, Sutera Lux Hotels & Resorts Sdn Bhd

Thank you SK Ho, Nadia & the ICDM team for this very interesting session.

Hanisyamira, Head of Corporate Services, KNM Group Berhad

Thank you so much to ICDM and the Speaker. Really appreciate this sharing.