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Past Events

Leadership in Times of Distress

Sunil Puri


As Asian leaders live through unprecedented disruption, they are expected to step-up and not only deal with the here-and-now people and business situations, but also get ready for the future ‘post-Covid’ world. The webinar, based on Center for Creative Leadership’s (CCL’s) research titled ‘Imagining Asia 2030: Future Fluent Asian Leader,’ will highlight paradoxes Asian leaders may need to navigate and critical skills/traits they will need to lean on to lead their teams, organization, and country out of the current disorder.

“Progressive organisations and rock star leaders should be thinking far out ahead to attain future fluency going forward, not just post-Covid-19.”


“Future fluent leaders not only think, feel, act and learn differently, they have their head on the swivel, constantly looking around to identify the data set that are available at this point, to take the organisation forward.”


“A Growth Mindset and Multi-Dimensional thinking are extremely critical Covid-19-combat capabilities. A Growth Mindset is having the capability of resilience to unlearn old skills and learn new skills irrespective of your level, while Multi-Dimensional thinking encompasses the capability to look at the same problem with different lenses and act accordingly.”


If you are able to deal with the future fluency’s paradoxes, tweak your mindset and inculcate the right capabilities, we will be able to win this set against the COVID-19 pandemic.”


Hock-Chye Ong, Auditor General, Asian Development Bank

I am glad I signed up for this webinar. Informative and relevant. Thank you Sunil Puri and Nadia.

Dr Mustakizah, ICDM Affiliate Member

Thank you so much for all this interesting knowledge of the new normal shared with all of us on the digital platform.

Wendy Lim, Head of Finance, AVF Solutions (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Thank you ICDM & Sunil for the great sharing!