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Past Events

Leading Through Crisis and Uncertainty: Harnessing Mental Health and Resilience to Navigate Storms of Change

Azran Osman-Rani


Having built businesses through multiple economic crises, natural disasters, restrictive and changing policies and regulations, and bouncing back from a life-threatening accident, Azran shares his experiences of harnessing resilience and curiosity to lead teams during turbulence and volatility.

Our brains perceive crises as threats to our survival. It desperately seeks familiar patterns. This leads to cognitive biases where we decide and act based on what we intuitively believe to work. Past successes can limit our ability to challenge these fixed beliefs and be open to new ideas.

Understand the differences between necessary levels of stress to perform at our peak, and how prolonged stress can lead to depression and anxiety that hinders us from being calm, curious and energetic – key crisis leadership traits. Learn practices that strengthen these traits within us, how we build a high-energy team and four practices to embed curiosity and resilience into Board meetings.

Session Summary

Life is not about avoiding risks, but about picking yourself up. 


Past successes create limiting beliefs. 


The question we should ask is not why a situation has gone wrong, but how we can prevent it from happening again. 


Knowledge alone is not enough to make us change.  We learn by doing, not by planning. 


Speed is the only sustainable advantage. 


Dr Mustakizah, Founder, DMZ Family

Thank you so much everyone especially Mr Azran for giving a great perspective in handling ourselves in this unprecedented and uncertain time which can cause a lot of anxiety to ourselves. 

Mr. Pham Tien Dzung, Senior Researcher, Economica Vietnam

Thank you especially to Mr Azran Osman for this very helpful session. I think your analysis of how our brain operates explains very well the proposed solutions. It’s been a great session!

Mr. Mostaff Matesanwa, World Scout Bureau, Nairobi, Kenya

Thank you very much for the informative presentation.

Mr. Low Hong Keng, Non-executive Director, UPA Corporation Bhd

I enjoyed the session very much as it’s insightful and helpful. Thank you very much.

Dato’ Sri  Ooi Chean See, Freelance Conductor

Thank you so much for the inspiring and informative session. Looking forward to more!

Mr. Wong Mun Wai, Risk Surveyor, QBE Insurance (M) Bhd

Really learnt a few new things today. Thanks to my HR Dept which had earlier informed my organisation of the link to the ICDM Webinar Series.

PnNoorazimah Tahir, VP of Corporate Communications, MNRB Holdings Bhd 

Thank you for a great session. Looking forward for more of such sessions.