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MAICSA Annual Conference 2022: Challenging the Challenges in Governance

The governance role, as we move to year 2023, is fast expanding and becoming more essential and challenging. It requires us to be more resilient in challenging the challenges that we face in governance. Hence, Company Secretaries, as advisors as well as Governance Practitioners, who are entrusted to lead the governance practices of companies need to step up to transform the challenges into opportunities.

The MAICSA Annual Conference 2022 aims to equip company secretaries and governance practitioners with the latest regulatory updates and enforcement issues, ESG issues, alternative mode of financing that are available to SMEs for recovery, current governance issues and tax risk management as well as the mental tool to stay strong in these challenging times.

Be inspired by distinguished business leaders, academic and industry experts as their insights enhance your knowledge to be competent and outstanding Company secretaries and governance professionals.

ICDM Member – RM580.00

Standard – RM660.00


For brochure and registration, please visit:

Brochure: https://www.maicsa.org.my/media/training_calendar/cg051022w1.pdf

Registration: https://www.maicsa.org.my/resources/cpd-training/cpd-training-calendar/detail?EventID=CG051022W1&Type=