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Past Events

Managing HR for the Long Haul: Road to Recovery

Sunny Kho


Some say it will take a year, others predict it will take a longer time for businesses to return to normalcy. From business models to people’s strategy and the way we work and communicate, things are going to be radically different post COVID-19.

It is therefore vital to look beyond crisis response to recovery and post-recovery planning. Companies who are proactively looking ahead, regularly reviewing their policies and reprioritising their efforts, are those that may have a higher chance of surviving during this turbulent time.

In this webinar, we will address the 5 HR imperatives that every company should pay attention to in their future people’s strategy – Workforce Management, Performance Redefined, Way of Work, Achieve More with Less and People-First Agenda.

These are moments that matter, and how you rally your team will be key.

Session Summary

“HR’s response is not just to anticipate change during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also about managing the transition.”


Trust is a very important factor for those working from home and is two-pronged. The employer needs to trust the employees to do their work while working remotely and the employees need to trust the employer on how to navigate through this change.


“Now, more than ever, we should look at internal talent by looking at their performance track-record, potential for the role, personality as well as the perception of other staff on the talent’s suitability.”


“Regardless of the type of performance model used, HR needs to reward the right performance level.”


“In managing change, focus on the sceptics, ignore the cynics and build on your believers.”


Tony Chin, Chairman, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Kuala Lumpur

Excellent Presentation. Thank you for sharing your obviously very wide experience on this topic.

Chris Phang, AIG Malaysia

Thanks, Sunny and Nadia for the useful and insightful session.

Norlela Baharuddin, Managing Director, WPP Business Services Sdn Bhd

Sunny, thank you for bringing forth such an interesting topic.