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Collaboration in the Boardroom: Behavioural and Relationships

Patrick Dunne

This session is part of the PowerTalk Series, themed “Positive Agenda: Leadership in Covid-Exit”.

The quality of relationships and behaviours of board members underpin a high performing board and their ability to balance oversight and support effectively. They also enable a board to benefit from diversity of thought and at the same time to manage differing objectives and personalities to successfully achieve alignment on what matters most.

In this session, we look at the fundamentals of the relationships between the board and the management and the behavioural characteristics of high-performing board members. We will look at how they manage key relationships for maximum impact and how they build their power and influence with colleagues on the board as well as with the management and with other key stakeholders.

We will also cover some of the ways to manage those tricky situations where there is either a little or a lot of board disharmony.


1. Patrick Dunne

Patrick Dunne
Chairman of Boardelta, EY Foundation, ESSA, Visiting Professor Cranfield & Author of the Award Winning “Boards”, United Kingdom

Patrick is an experienced chair and serial social entrepreneur with extensive experience of working with boards in Europe, Asia and North America. He is currently the Chair of board consultancy Boardelta, the charities The EY Foundation and ESSA, Education Sub Saharan Africa, as well as the Chair of the oversight board for the Chartered Management Consultant and trustee of the Chartered Management Institute.

His executive experience includes 26 years in a variety of investment and management roles with 3i Group plc where, until 2012, he was Communications Director, a member of its Operating committee and Chairman of its Operational Risk forum.

At 3i, he built a resource of over 600 experienced directors who were appointed to the boards of over 2,000 high growth businesses for 3i in 14 countries across Europe, Asia and North America. The programme he established became widely recognised as a model of adding value and a leader in best practice. As a member of the Higgs review, Patrick has also played a role in shaping governance policy for UK listed companies.

Author of the award-winning “Boards” and three other successful books on the subject, he has helped to establish many successful courses on board skills over the last twenty years including for the BVCA, Invest Europe and the Financial Times. He has also helped Chairs across a wide range of sectors to transform the effectiveness of their boards through Boardelta.

Patrick has a passion for education and was a member of the General Council of the University of Warwick from 2006 to 2015. He is a Visiting Professor at Cranfield School of Management, an Associate Fellow at Warwick Business School and former member of Business in the Community’s education leadership group.

He also has extensive experience in developing social enterprises using venture philanthropy techniques, most notably with Leap Confronting Conflict where he is Patron and was Chairman, from 2006 to 2015, with ESSA, the EY Foundation and with Warwick in Africa which he founded in 2006. Warwick in Africa has now benefitted over 750,000 young Africans with transformed Maths and English teaching.