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PowerX: Building the Mindsets of Tomorrow

Erika Lucas & Randy Black

This session is part of the PowerTalk Series, themed “Positive Agenda: Leadership in Covid-Exit”.

The Entrepreneurial Board: Governance under Disruption – Erika Lucas

How entrepreneurial is your board? When was the last time you checked to see how entrepreneurial your board really is? Join us as we talk to Erika Lucas about the entrepreneurial skills and qualities that got us to launch and scale, but often fade away if we don’t continue to condition them.


Transformational Knowledge & Mindshifts – Randy Black

The need for organisations to truly transform themselves is greater today than perhaps ever before. The cumulative effect of the global Covid-19 pandemic have been as dramatic as the impact of the steam engine on manufacturing, the invention of the telephone on communications, the invention of the car on transportation, the creation of the Internet on information sharing, and 9/11 on travel security.

Many organisations have embraced this transformation as an opportunity, rather than waiting on the sidelines for the status quo of 2019 to return. Those who are simply going through the motions may find themselves becoming the “buggy-whip companies” of the past left behind by new technologies and new ways of working. True transformation begins in the boardroom. It begins with directors evolving their view, their skills, and not allowing their legacy to hinder them from creating a new tomorrow.


2. Erika Lucas

Erika Lucas
Founder of VEST, Co-Founder of StitchCrew, Investor, Board Member & Keynote Speaker, United States

Erika Lucas is the Co-Founder of StitchCrew, an organisation focused on building a more equitable economy through entrepreneurship. In collaboration with NBA Team the Oklahoma City Thunder, she runs an accelerator programme to support entrepreneurs in the middle of the country. Erika also founded VEST, a curated network of C-suite women working together to expedite the pipeline of more women in power. Her TED Talk, America’s Trillion Dollar Blindspot, is well known in the Venture Capital industry for making a compelling argument for the need to close the funding gap for women and entrepreneurs of colour. Erika currently serves on the Board of Directors of Arvest Bank, Oklahoma Policy Institute, Diversion Hub, Oklahoma City County Health Department, the Potts Family Foundation and the Oklahoma Downtown Partnership. Prior to launching StitchCrew and VEST, Erika was a Partner at a Private Equity Firm with investments in the U.S. and Europe. Before that, she was the Deputy Director for the Oklahoma Department of Commerce where I oversaw the Global Investment and Trade Division.

3. Randy Black

Randy Black
Member Of The Board Of Advisors at St. Albert Seniors Advisory Board & Past Chair, Project Management Institute, Canada

Randall T. (Randy) Black has spent his 44-year career in many private sector roles and industries in Canada. He has held positions of Senior Manager, Managing Director, Director, and VP. He has also held Board Director positions in national and international not-for-profit organisations as a non-executive director.

He holds his degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo (B.A. Sc. – Civil, 1977), his Professional Engineering Status (P. Eng. since 1981), his Project Management Professional (PMP™ since 2004) and his Chartered Directorship and Fellow status from the Institute of Directors of the United Kingdom (C. Dir. and Fl. IoD since 2019).

Mr Black has, most recently, held board leadership positions with the Project Management Institute (PMI™). He has held positions on the Board of the PMI Northern Alberta Chapter (2004 – 2010) including serving as Chapter President from 2007 – 2009. He has also held Global Leadership positions within PMI from 2012 through 2015.

He currently serves as the only resident Canadian on the Global Board of Directors of PMI, a position he has held since 2016. He served as the Chair of the Board in 2019, the 50th Anniversary Year for the Institute. He will continue his board service till the end of 2021.

He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the St. Albert Victim’s Services Association and on the St. Albert Seniors Advisory Council in his home city of St. Albert, Alberta, Canada.