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Readiness, Response & Recovery

Mark Worthington


Dealing with a pandemic like COVID-19, is uncharted territory for all of us. Coupled with uncertainty, fear and pressure to safeguard employee wellbeing and business continuity, leaders of companies are being tested beyond the ordinary as the decisions made today will determine the success or failure of their company or business.

How companies act and communicate in times of crisis will have a significant long-term impact on their reputation. Businesses need to assure their customers, business partners and suppliers, and at the same time, ensure employees are well informed of how the situation impacts them.

While the severity of this crisis and its long-term implications are still unknown, there are several steps companies and businesses can take to help improve the situation.

Session Summary

“When under crisis, what is important is not just getting the operational right, it’s how the companies behave and communicate which will leave a reputational legacy.”


“The most effective manual in crisis management is the one that guides people’s thought processes quickly and efficiently, rather than give them something that they can pull off the shelves.”


“No amount of preparation has been able to deliver a kind of playbook that works in a scenario that is just so unprecedented and so unpredictable. People who are finding themselves best placed to respond are those who practice at thinking on their feet, applying a set of principles, understand what they are trying to protect and being able to move nimbly and react quickly in order to do that.”


“In a crisis, do take into account the emotional dimension of the crisis, be disciplined and organised in dealing with the media, consider all potential target audiences and have a consistent approach in driving communication.”


“In a crisis don’t lie or make promises that the organisation can’t keep. Don’t overreact to the events and don’t ignore areas of the business not affected by the crisis.”


Dr Mustakizah, Affiliate Member, ICDM

Thank you so much with this excellent knowledge sharing with all of us in this new digital space.

Datin Nancy Sim, Independent Director, Focus Point Holdings Berhad

In these hard times you have done a brilliant job with these webinars. Well done. Never have ICDM being more relevant than now. I hope your membership improves this year. I hope more will invest and learn. Congrats.

Tengku Zatasha, Senior Advisor, Klareco Communcations

That was a fantastic session thank you very much!! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you Mark, thank you ICDM!

Jasmine Lee, Executive Director, CGRM Infocomm Sdn Bhd

Thank you and your team for organising and hosting this series of on-point webinars.