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Sustainability Series: (Re)Building the Board for Innovation

Professor Sattar Bawany, Disruptive Leadership LLC (DLI), New York, NY

Today’s top innovative companies are focusing their innovation firepower on critical challenges of the world such as climate crisis to social justice, taking on some of the world’s most urgent and pressing events. Innovative organisations are leveraging on new business models, service innovations, and applying technologies to disrupt industries and develop new markets globally.

Boards are in a unique position to help their companies redefine the future through pre-emptive innovation. It can be hard to know when to pull the trigger to change a company’s course and to determine whether it is the strategy that needs changing or the CEO’s implementation or both.

This edition of PowerTalk in our “Sustainability Series – (Re)Building the Board for Innovation” talks about the meaning of disruption and how innovation can be a potential cure for that; while linking back to the sustainability strategy of the organisation. Professor Sattar will share some tips on best practices, tools and frameworks to develop a process for innovation and help boards and organisations scale the path of sustainable growth.


10.00am Programme Introduction & Housekeeping

10.05am ICDM PowerTalk Sustainability Series – (Re)Building the Board for Innovation by Professor Sattar Bawany, Disruptive Leadership LLC (DLI), New York, NY

10.45am Question & Answer

11.00am End of Programme

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and acquire the right context of disruption and innovation that can contribute to better interactions between the board and management.

  • Reset mindset from the conservative approach to one that embraces innovation, with consideration of the inherent risks.

  • Cultivate change and an innovation-driven culture by developing the organisation’s capacity to pivot.

Prof Sattar

Disruptive Leadership LLC (DLI), New York, NY

Prof. Sattar Bawany is a seasoned Board Member, General Management, Business Development and Organisational/Leadership Development Professional with proven expertise in the Public Sector and across diverse industries in Private Global Corporations for more than 30 years, including a rewarding startup and entrepreneur experience, directing all core operational functions, and consistent success in achieving revenue, profit, and operations growth goals.

He is currently the CEO of the Disruptive Leadership Institute (DLI) & C-Suite Master Executive Coach (CMEC) of the Centre for Executive Education (CEE). A much sought-after Keynote Speaker and Facilitator on themes related to Disruptive Leadership, Crisis Leadership, Transforming Next Generation of Leaders and Leading a Multigenerational Workplace.

A prolific writer on themes related to contemporary leadership and talent management, he has authored several books including “Leadership in Disruptive Times” (BEP, 2020) and “Transforming the Next Generation of Leaders for Industry 4.0” (BEP, 2019). The 2023 edition of his book, “Leadership in Disruptive Times: Negotiating the New Balance” will be published and made available globally from 1st April 2023. Prof. Sattar was awarded the “2019 Executive of the Year for Human Resources Consulting” at the Singapore Business Review (SBR) Management Excellence Awards 2019.