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Past Events

Review Competitive Strategies using AI: A Board’s Perspective

M. Nazri Muhd


No board can fulfil its oversight duties without considering artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to transform and disrupt strategy. AI’s potential value is enormous. According to a study of 16 industries by Accenture, AI is capable of increasing profitability rates by an average of 38% and add trillions of dollars in gross value by 2035.

To reap that value, companies are starting to compete using AI by disrupting industries with new business models. They have to simultaneously raise and serve customer expectations and partner with technically advanced ecosystem partners. It is timely for directors to perform both an inward and outward evaluation – reviewing their own knowledge and their company’s activities, as well as appraising the use of AI beyond the walls of the boardroom and the company.

This webinar will help boards and directors independently evaluate and guide management in using AI to advance their company’s strategy in a responsible way, providing them with frameworks and questions to assess their understanding of AI & their company’s future AI activities.

While AI can bring a new data-driven perspective to the table, it should not replace the knowledge, accountability and diversity of views that a human board can provide.”


“AI can be used as an MRI scan to detect things before it happens to prompt humans to probing and querying. Directors must be equipped with relevant tools to keep up with the VUCA effects. It’s about identifying the red flags in a timely manner.”


“AI is a toolkit, not a replacement of human decision.”


Yaw Yuen Loi, Head, Digital Franchise Platform, Great Eastern Life Assurance

Great sharing. Very informative. Thanks!

Dr Mustakizah Zakaria, ICDM Affiliate

Thank you so much for this great webinar in giving awareness and knowledge to all about this new emerging technology especially during this current crisis of COVID-19 pandemic era.

Alvin Hew, Independent Non-Executive Director, Maxis & Petronas Dagangan Berhad

Thank you very much! Very pertinent webinar. Good and knowledgeable speaker.

Frances Po Yih Ming, Malaysia Institute of Accounts

Nice pace and good presentation.

Michael Koo, Client Associate, AkiMedia

Thank you Nazri and Nadia. Really appreciate for sharing us wonderful knowledge. Stay safe and healthy everyone

EW, Faculty, ISB, Vietnam

Thanks for a very enlightening session.