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Past Events

Rising Corporate Risks of Weaponised Fake News

Ryan Lim


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, fake news has caused fear, confusion, scams, and even panic buying. Corporations must appreciate the rising threats and risks of weaponised fake news to be better prepared to mitigate them.

This webinar aims to increase the awareness and understanding of the rising risks from weaponised fake news. Fake news erodes consumers’ trust, disrupts business operations and can potentially damage corporate performance. This threat can be mounted almost immediately without warning, and scaled to quickly go viral with severe offline consequences that catches most organisations off guard. We will be looking into cases of known attack vectors employed by malicious bad actors including the hijacking of conventional corporate crisis responses to manipulate public/stakeholder perception, destroying/discrediting key stakeholder reputations as well as those with intention in eroding public trust through coordinated attacks to inflict maximum business damage.

Boards must quickly understand the rise and risk of fake news as a growing threat and consider urgent investments into sufficient risk mitigation measures for a better protected and resilient organisation. We are now fighting an ‘infodemic’, as well as a pandemic.

Session Summary

Fake news is employed as it is easier to exploit, harder to detect and cheaper to execute.


Disinformation or fake news has a greater attack surface than cyberattacks, as it is more accessible and requires no expert technological skills and uses a lot less resources.


“It is not ifbut “when” fake news happens to us.


Misinformation, disinformation and exposé are the three different types of information that are harmful to the company. Fake news should be categorised and its response measured accordingly.


“The one with the facts and who presents these facts with a more compelling narrative will be able to help counter that fake news.”


Mr. Tony Chin, Chairman, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Kuala Lumpur

So sad that the series is coming to an end. I have attended every session and found them to be wonderful sharing and learnings. Well done ICDM!

Dr Mustakizah, Founder, DMZ Family

Thank you so much for this eyeopening talk that showed that fake news can be faced not only by big organisations but also individuals. A big thank you to Ryan and everyone for raising awareness by providing different perspectives through this new knowledge sharing digital space.

Mdm. Lu Jia Lih, ICDM Affiliate Member

Very enlightening session. Thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt lots! Thank you!

Ms. Wong Wei Fong, Boardroom Corporate Services Sdn Bhd

The webinars have been great sharing sessions. Kudos to the ICDM team.