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Past Events

Risk Management Conference 2021: Navigating Challenges in Unprecedented Times

Organisations today face unprecedented tumult and uncertainty, accelerating challenges in risk management and threatening their business continuity and enterprise sustainability. In this time when disruption is higher than ever, organisations need to implement a customised risk management strategy that accounts for these complexities and reappraises how they address their risks to sustain their operations.

As digital lifestyles and remote work practices become commonplace, the risk of cyberattacks is on the rise too, necessitating that organisations adopt an enterprise-wide approach to managing digital and cybersecurity risk. The on-going pandemic has also challenged the basics of governance, such that there is a need to reassess and reform organisational governance systems and structures to effectively strengthen risk management, ethical business practices and organisational sustainability.

The MIA Risk Management Conference 2021 will share the latest developments and best practices in risk management needed to forge an agile and resilient enterprise for the new normal.

For conference details and registration, please contact Vino at +(603) 2722 9290 or email sp@mia.org.my.