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Past Events

The Net Zero Journey: What Board Members Need to Know – Part 3

The growing list of extreme weather events and the shocking scale of loss and damage around the world this past year has put governments and businesses on notice of the urgency of climate change.

The UN Climate Change 26th Conference Of Parties (COP 26) held on 31 st October – 12 th November 2021 in Glasgow is accelerating the action of state and non-state players towards meeting the challenges brought by a fast changing climate through four goals:-

  • keeping 1.5°C aspirations alive
  • adapting to protect communities and natural habitats
  • mobilising finance
  • working together

In Part 1 of the Net Zero Journey series, our panellists spoke of policy making, setting science based targets and adopting a circular economy mindset.

In Part 2, our panellists shared how capital allocation decisions can be made and where the opportunities are for companies in renewable energy options, process efficiencies, remanufacturing and relooking at waste in a new way.

In this Part 3, and in furtherance of the 3 rd goal of COP26, our panellists will speak about the economics, how institutional investors select their portfolio, corporate funding and issuance of green bonds, and financing for initiatives and specific projects.

Meet the panelists: https://www.cgmalaysia.com/netzero3bios