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ICDM events provide opportunities for directors from all walks of life to network, connect and contribute to each other’s professional development.

As a membership organisation, we serve as the voice of our members, advocating your concerns and feedback, while continuing to find solutions for challenges occupying boards and directors.

Risk Management Conference 2021: Navigating Challenges in Unprecedented Times

Launch of the Malaysia Board Diversity Study & Index

Dato' Sri Idris Jala, Dato' Dr Nik Ramlah Nik Mahmood, Low Ngai Yuen, Shinbo Won, Shai Ganu, Krissandi Lee & Michele Kythe Lim

A Boardroom Simulation — Live! Corporate Strategy Beyond the Crisis

Julian Sape, Till Vestring, Lasse Feldt-Rasmussen, Peter McLean, Charles Yin, Datin Nancy Sim & Kimunya Mugo

Accelerated Digital Transformation of Legacy Companies

Steffen Damborg

In Conversation with Jesus Estanislao, Ph.D: Realising the Value of Corporate Governance in ASEAN

Jesus Estanislao, Ph.D, Chairman Emeritus, Institute of Corporate Directors, The Philippines

PowerX: Building the Mindsets of Tomorrow

Erika Lucas & Randy Black