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According to the World Health Organisation (WHO, 2004) mental health is a state of well-being in which the individual :

  1. Realises his or her own abilities
  2. Can cope with the normal stresses of life
  3. Can work productively and fruitfully
  4. Is able to make contribution to his or her community

However, in the Malaysia’s context, there are several current well-being issues that are looming among Malaysian corporates which are:

  • Lack of Awareness & Literacy – A lack of awareness about psychosocial risks, namely the workplace stressors, combined with a limited understanding of one’s own well-being state, can heighten stress levels and make it difficult to address them. The limited understanding of psychological safety hinders employees from advocating for themselves and achieving a better work-life experience due to fears of negative consequences.
  • Lack of Standardised Measures – The absence of standardised measures for assessing employee well-being leads to a lack of meaningful comparisons between
    companies, hindering our ability to gauge who is excelling or falling behind. This also means that there are no baseline indicators available to track progress in enhancing employee well-being, making it challenging to drive improvements across the corporate landscape.
  • Lack of Intervention Evaluation – The lack of intervention effectiveness evaluation means companies may invest in wellbeing initiatives without the ability to measure their impact accurately. Without proper measurement, these efforts could potentially be wasted in terms of time, cost, and effort, hindering progress toward creating a truly
    supportive and healthier work environment for all.
  • Lack of Governance Audit – The absence of governance audits means that there’s no systematic oversight to ensure companies consistently implement their employee well-being initiatives. This gap in accountability may lead to inconsistent efforts or neglect of well-being initiatives altogether. Without audits, companies may miss opportunities to foster a more supportive and thriving workplace for their employees.


Therefore as a true believer of the significant returns and impacts in taking care of the employee well-being, ICDM has become one of the co-operators and collaborative partner in the Well-Being@Work© Movement – ‘Championing Better Worklife’ initiaited by O-Psych Sdn Bhd. Other co-operators and collaborative partners include Malaysia Ministry of Health (MoH), Rakan Muda Club, Sunway University, Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance (MICG) and Malaysian Oil Gas & Energy Services Council (MOGSC).

The Well-Being@Work© Movement comprises the following:

  1. Malaysia Well-being@Work© Index Study & Benchmark Report
  2. Well-being Workshops
  3. Well-being Conference
  4. The Well-being@Work Wavemakers© Awards

Malaysia Well-being@Work© Index Study:

About the index study

  1. The Well-being@Work© Index is a validated tool that is in alignment with ISO45003, World Health Organisation Sustainable Development Goals 3 & 8, International Labour Oragnisation’s Workplace Well-being Goals and ESG’s Social Goals.
  2. The Well-being@Work© Index assesses Psychosocial Risk, Psychosocial Well-being and Psychological Safety of employees.
  3. The Well-being@Work Index is the first unified approach to measuring Well-being in the workplace.
  4. Data collected from the Well-being@Work© Index will lead to Malaysia having an annual Well-being@Work© Index Report.
  5. The Well-being@Work© Index Report will document insights, trends and recommendations to improve well-being in the workplace for generations to come.
  6. 20 of Malaysia’s top CHRO’s, HSSE, Business Leaders and Academics have signed to become the Wavemakers of Well-being to ensure this movement achieved its intended outcomes.

Each type of categories of participants will receive certain perks and benefits which are:

  • Participant will receive a personalised benchmarked report of your Wellbeing@Work© Profile which includes Psychosocial Risk, Well-being and Psychological Safety.
  • Participant will receive a complimentary guidebook as well as additional resources such as videos, articles podcasts and discovery partners to strengthen your Wellbeing@Work© Profile.
  • Participant can reassess their Wellbeing@Work© Index and track and measure their journey over a period of time.
  • The company will receive a complimentary national benchmarked report of the Organisation’s Wellbeing@Work© Profile which includes Psychosocial Risk, Well-being and Psychological Safety
  • The company can reassess its Organisation’s Wellbeing@Work© Index and track and measure its journey over a period of time.
  • The company will also be invited to join the Wavemaker Of Well-being Club for having made a wave in the ocean of Well-being@Work© and nudging others to make Well-being@Work© a priority for Malaysian organisations and the workforce.

ICDM would like to encourage everyone especially both our corporate members and invidual members to partake in the Malaysia Well-being@Work© Index Study.   

For individuals click here to start.

For corporate, we would encourage them to scale this to their organisation-wide. Contact advocacy@icdm.com.my to discuss further.